Sample of All FAQs (Helpie FAQ)

  • Is Socotra safe to visit?

    Yes, it is safe to travel to Socotra. The island has always remained untouched by the conflict in Western Yemen and has never been part of the civil war. Socotra offers a peaceful and secure environment, allowing visitors to explore its stunning landscapes and unique biodiversity without concern.

  • I'm a beginner, can I join this trip?

    Yes, definitely. I get participants from all levels and I coach everyone on their own level. You need to be able to fly basic manoeuvres, the rest we'll learn on the trip. Regardless of your starting point, all participants go home with a boosted self confidence while flying the drone and can now fly under any circumstances.

  • Do I need my own drone?

    Yes, you are supposed to bring your own drone and fly your own drone. If you have a spare drone, it's always good to bring it. I will also bring a back-up drone in case something happens.

    That being said, I guide the participants during all flights and it's very rare that a drone crashes or is lost.

  • What drones are supported?

    I know pretty much all cinematic DJI drones by heart. Most often I see DJI Mavic 2/3 series, DJI Mini 3/4 series, DJI Air 2/3 series. More and more FPV drones as well, such as the DJI Avata 1/2 or the original DJI FPV.

    Occasionally, participants also bring an Autel drone, which is completely fine. However I'm less familiar with their app and settings. In the end, it all comes down to the same thing though. So don't worry.