Are you struggling to improve your drone photography skills? Do you have a specific issue you would like to discuss?

Then an individual drone photography coaching session is the solution for you!

This online video call with me – yes, personally – will help you to learn faster, to tackle those specific problems you might be having or to just keep you motivated!

Our call could be related to:

  • Take better photos with your drone (composition, lighting, ND filters …)
  • Improve your editing in Lightroom (your personal editing style?)
  • Learn the business side of things? Get partnerships and earn money?

You decide πŸ™‚

What my coaching customers are saying?


I leveled up my editing skills

Johan’s coaching leveled up my drone photo editing skills from using just basic color correction to more advanced functions. After watching countless editing tutorials on YouTube and not understanding why a certain tool was used, I was finally able to ask specific questions and dig into the deeper tool in Lightroom that help make my drone images feel more professional.

Bert Weeks


Johan was very thorough and easy to talk to!

Johan is a very good educator when it comes to improving your drone photography. I especially gained a lot of value from him on the business side of photography. I learned how I could broaden my work and get clients. He was very thorough and easy to talk to! Would love to do another session in the future πŸ˜‰

Thuy Nguyen


1-on-1 with Johan was extremely helpful

Johan was very knowledgeable and gave very helpful information about the business side of things. He was able to identify what I was doing well already and make suggestions on how to improve in other areas. He provided helpful and practical suggestions I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise.

Ryan Keane


This won’t be the last coaching session!

I didn’t feel satisfied with my personal edits. So I booked the 1-on-1 coaching with Johan and what I’ve got was amazing. Johan did not try to put his mark on my photos, he wanted ME to create the look I feel most comfortable with, what I like the most.

This coaching helped me a lot! Thanks a lot Johan, really recommend it! ☺️

Bastian Dirnberger


Well worth the price

I really enjoyed the 1-on-1 with Johan. He was clear and concise with every question that I had. Well worth the price! πŸ‘

We also needed to reschedule last minute and he catered to our small time window! Much appreciated Johan, keep it up!

Calvin Alden


Very inspiring and educational

I always find a coaching session with Johan very inspiring and educational. He knows exactly how to give your photos that little bit extra in Lightroom to make them stand out. Since I have been coached by Johan, my photos and my own experience have become much better!

Marc Slagter


Some examples: (click to enlarge)

1 coaching session = 30mins at 60 EUR

Let’s start improving your skills together πŸ‘