Recently DJI asked me to film 2 short videos with the DJI MINI 3. So proud to see them featured on the DJI Instagram, DJI Tiktok and DJI Twitter accounts!

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Below you’ll find some of my other publications and features ๐Ÿ™‚ A big thank you to all of them! ๐Ÿ™‚

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1. Photography contests

My Tatacoa photo won the ‘abstract’ category in the Aerial Photography Awards 2020. 2 photos have been exhibited in prestigious photo festivals in Chania and Berlin. And 7 of my images have also made it into the top50 of the international Agora Images competitions; #landscape2021, #aerial2020 and #landscape2020 and #urban2020 and #travel2020 and #roadtrip2020 and #fun2020 respectively:

2. News website features

Daily Mail feature (international) – Wow! ๐Ÿ™‚ Also Nieuwsblad article (Belgium), Flair article (Belgium), Dronedj review (international), Dronelife feature (international), Dronewatch announcement (The Netherlands) and FDR1.be review (Belgium). Also featured on the photography platform Agoraimages.com (international), linfo.re (France) and Amazing Aerial Agency (international).

3. Guest blogs

Guest blog on frameworkfilms.net, interview on earthofdrones.com, interview on travelinsightpedia.com, interview on photutorial.com and more guest blogs on rotordrone.com, dronelife.com, dronemultimedia.org and on magnificentworld.com.

4. Podcasts

A podcast with the ‘Drone Vlaming’ (in Dutch), where we talk about my story and my drone photography:

And the photos we talk about during the show:

In 2019 I was interviewed on ‘The Tushaar Show’ from India, before we left on our world trip – Happy vibes on thetushaarshow.com

My interview on Tushaars podcast