The drone photo trips I offer are best viewed as ‘on location photography workshops’ where I guide you to the best possible drone spots! I know these places well, because I’ve researched and droned them extensively 😉😉.

Once on location I coach you while taking the photos and videos in the air and afterwards I help you get the best results editing them in Lightroom and Premiere Pro.

With a group of 6 other like-minded drone photographers you will experience the trip of a lifetime! Learn how I plan my drone shoots, ask me any questions, learn from the other participants and generally just have a lot of fun on the most incredible locations 😎🎉

The Azores drone trip

May 2022

Mauritius drone trip

October 2022 (TBA)

Drone photo trip testimonials:


A magical trip

The Azores adventure in May 2021 was a magical trip. I had more fun pushing my limits that week than in a year of droning over flatland.

Patrick Lemli


Once in a lifetime experience

For me it was a once in a lifetime experience. A trip full of activities and lot of tips & tricks to make my drone shots go from ‘OK shots’ to ‘WOW shots’ 🤩

Nick Vandenabeele


Stop what you’re doing and go with Johan!

Next to composition and the right timing, I’ve learned that it’s all about pushing your own limits and trusting your gear. The knowledge, adventures & people you get to meet are really worth the trip.

Florian De Lange


When can I go again?

Dronetrippin’ with Johan was amazing. He showed all the best drone spots and had many tips and tricks to share! Only one question remains … when can I go again!

Dimitrie Deman


Raise your drone level with Johan

What a trip! Everything was organized as promised beforehand. We visited the most beautiful spots at sunrise and sunset to get the best out of our drones. Do you want to raise your drone level? Go with Johan!

Erwin Cammaerts


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