After a very successful first edition in 2021, it is now time for the second edition in May 2022.

With a small group of enthusiastic drone photographers we will create the adventure of a lifetime. This is the kind of trip you will be telling your grandchildren about! 😊

Over the course of 6 days I will show you the best drone spots, help you to improve your drone photography through live workshops in the field and editing workshops in the villa. And in general we’ll just have a lot of fun in the most incredible location in Europe.

Azores drone trip
Azores drone trip 2022

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Azores drone trip in a nutshell:

  • 6 people + myself
  • 6 days of adventure on São Miguel island
  • 2 weeks (1st = English, 2nd = Dutch)
  • 1 modern villa with pool & panoramic ocean view
  • Sunrise & sunset drone shoots at the most epic locations
  • Several outdoor adventures (kayaking, mountain bike & little-known hiking trails)
  • 1 whale watching tour* 🐋 (with the drone!!)
  • Drone photo workshops in the field
  • Lightroom editing workshops at the villa
  • Learn to shoot with (local) models
  • Natural volcanic hot pool relaxation in an epic setting
  • Local chef to prepare us some delicious Azorean food

* in 2021 we saw a pod of 9 sperm whales just chilling at the surface. This was definitely the highlight for most participants! 😍

Sei whales - mother & calf
Sei whales – mother & calf

Azores drone trip testimonials:


Raise your drone level with Johan

What a trip! Everything was organized as promised beforehand. We visited the most beautiful spots at sunrise and sunset to get the best out of our drones. Do you want to raise your drone level? Go with Johan!

Erwin Cammaerts


A magical trip

The Azores adventure in May 2021 was a magical trip. I had more fun pushing my limits that week than in a year of droning over flatland.

Patrick Lemli


When can I go again?

Dronetrippin’ with Johan was amazing. He showed all the best drone spots and had many tips and tricks to share! Only one question remains … when can I go again!

Dimitrie Deman


Once in a lifetime experience

For me it was a once in a lifetime experience. A trip full of activities and lot of tips & tricks to make my drone shots go from ‘OK shots’ to ‘WOW shots’ 🤩

Nick Vandenabeele


Stop what you’re doing and go with Johan!

Next to composition and the right timing, I’ve learned that it’s all about pushing your own limits and trusting your gear. The knowledge, adventures & people you get to meet are really worth the trip.

Florian De Lange


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Here’s an impression of some of the spots we did on the previous Azores drone trip: