I’m launching the 1st edition of the Iceland drone trip! 🥳

Much anticipated and requested, the Iceland drone trip is finally here! Iceland is on every drone photographer’s bucket list and for a good reason! This island hosts an abundance of spectacular waterfalls, impressive mountains, active volcanoes, black sand beaches and cool glacial river patterns! Join me and 6 fellow drone photographers for the adventure of a lifetime! 😍

Over the course of 6 days I will show you the best drone spots, help you to improve your drone photography through live coaching in the field and composition workshops in the campervans. We’ll share best practices and tips in a small group of like-minded participants. And in general we’ll just have a lot of fun in one of the most RAW and unique locations in the world.

Make sure you keep the last week of August clear in your agendas. I have a feeling this week will sell out quickly …

Only 5 spots available! 🥳

Iceland drone trip 2024
Iceland drone trip 2024

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Iceland drone trip 2024 in a nutshell:

  • 5 people + myself
  • 6 days of adventure in Iceland
  • 24-29/08 (6D/5N)
  • Traveling in a 4×4 campervan (incl. night heating)
  • Ready to explore the highlands + the Southeast (ring road)
  • Sunrise & sunset drone shoots at the most epic locations
  • Several outdoor adventures (iceberg kayaking, hiking trails to hidden waterfalls)*
  • Drone coaching in the field
  • Composition workshop in the campervan
  • We’ll be driving** and cooking ourselves
  • And sleeping both in campsites with hot showers and remote spots with no facilities

* moderate fitness is required 🥾

** valid driver’s license is required

Our campervans in Iceland:

For the Iceland drone trip we’ll be using 2 types of campervans. These campervans are automatic 4×4 minivans and are fully authorized to drive the F-roads, which we’ll need to take to get into the highlands of Iceland. Both come with the luxury duvet package and have night heating, which is very welcome when the temperatures drop to 5 degrees during the night!

Both campervans are converted 2022 VW minivans with 4WD and snorkel, raised chassis, extra protection plates and larger tires. They both sleep 2 people and come with a little kitchen, running water and have night heating.

The XL 4×4 campervan brings more comfort to the table with the high-top design, so can you stand up straight inside. Your back will thank you 😁

Typical day:

In order to catch our locations in golden hour light, we’ll get up early every day. Usually during the day we’ll be driving a bit or doing a hike to one of the many waterfalls or canyons. Here’s a typical day on the Iceland drone trip:

  • Rise and shine
  • 5:45: shoot at sunrise location
  • Breakfast in the campervan
  • Back-up & charge batteries / relax
  • 10:00: hike / activity
  • 13:00: lunch on a scenic spot
  • Driving / hiking to sunset spot
  • 19:30: shoot at sunset spot
  • Back-up & charge batteries / refresh / shower
  • 21:30: dinner in the campervan / camp spot
  • 22:30: drive to next sunrise location
  • Sleep

These timings are indications. We will be flexible to circumstances / opportunities. All locations / activities are optional, if you wish to skip one and sleep in, it’s your holiday 😉

Iceland drone trip
Waterfall – Iceland drone trip

Iceland drone trip pricing:

All prices include your campervan rental (6D/5N), petrol, super CDW and gravel insurance, mobile wifi router, gas canisters, camp sites, 1 restaurant, 2 outdoor activities, thermal baths access etc…

On top of that you’ll get daily drone coachings in the field and composition/Lightroom workshops from me personally.

Happy camper

Price: €3.900

  • Standard model
  • Sleeps 2 people
  • 1 small double bed (156cm wide)
  • Night heating
  • Small kitchen w/ running water
  • No toilet
Happy camper XL

Price: €4.400

  • High-top model (stand up inside)
  • Sleeps 2 people
  • 1 small double bed (163cm wide)
  • Night heating
  • Small kitchen w/ running water
  • No toilet

Not included: your own flight to Iceland Keflavík airport (KEF) + all food&drinks

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We leave in ...

Highlights of the Iceland drone trip:

The island of Iceland has many cool drone spots. To give you an idea, here are some of my highlight locations that we’ll definitely try to include in our 6 days together 😍 (click to enlarge)

Here are some drone photos from my previous trip to Iceland: