20 indispensable travel tools for the modern day digital nomad

First of all, this list is meant for long term travelers who want to regularly connect online, keep their blog and Instagram up-to-date and potentially earn some money with their travel photos/videos/stories. Secondly this list […]

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What should brands look for in an Instagram micro influencer?

First of all, this is no exact science. However I do want to share a few insights after having built my Instagram from scratch to 11k followers in 1 year and having worked with several […]

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10 basic and easy steps in Lightroom to improve your drone photography

If you’d rather read the PDF version, download it for FREE now! 01. HDR merge your AEB shots for more dynamic range If you’ve read my 10 drone photography tips, you already know how to […]

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20 habits I will not miss after traveling 6 months in Southeast Asia

First of all, this post is supposed to make you laugh. The point is not to insult the people living in those countries. They don’t know any better 😆 That being said, let’s dive right […]

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10 inspiring Australian drone photographers you should start following as well

Since we’re road trippin’ on the East Coast of Australia and taking a lot of cool drone pictures (posting them soon!), I figured it was a good time to take a look at some inspiring […]

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6 reasons why you must visit Myanmar (Burma) today

Some people argue that you shouldn’t visit Myanmar in order not to support their oppressive regime. That’s a valid argument. I respect that. However there are enough reasons why you SHOULD visit Myanmar and I’ll […]

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The book that changed my lifestyle and put me on my current ‘career’ path

For those who don’t know me, I used to have a more traditional career. I worked in sales, as a key account manager for big international companies. I did so for about 10 years, jumped […]

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10 tips to improve your drone photography, you can apply today

If you’d rather read the PDF version, download it for FREE now! 1. Shoot during golden hour This is probably the most important tip I can give you. Shooting in golden hour will transform your […]

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Our amazing 3 days trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake + great drone shots!

The first trekking on our world trip and what a great start this was! 🙂 Let’s explore this 3 days trekking together, shall we: If you don’t like to read, skip forward to the trekking […]

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How I got to 2.000 followers on Instagram in only 2 months’ time – 9 FREE growth hacks – part 3

Now that you know how it’s done and you’ve been working your thumbs for a few weeks straight, you are starting to build a decent following.

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