10 drone feature accounts on Instagram you’ll want to follow
Drone feature accounts Instagram

10 drone feature accounts on Instagram you’ll want to follow

If you like drone photography and you’re on Instagram, these 10 drone feature accounts on Instagram might be of interest to you. Follow along as I showcase some of the most interesting drone accounts to follow.

A feature page does not create their own drone photos, they feature (or repost) the photos of other drone photographers in order to grow their following. They do this by giving credit in the caption to the respective photographers they repost from.

Let’s start off strong with the obvious: [update Aug 2021]

1. Djiglobal – 2,8M followers

The biggest drone page on the Gram I think. They repost plenty of amazing photos from photographers who use DJI drones. And of course their own promotional content. Like this video for their new FPV drone:

2. Droneoftheday – 267k followers

The biggest real feature page is Drone of the day. They have been around for some time now and are very wanted by drone photographers to get reposted by 😉

3. Dji_official – 285k followers

Not an official DJI account to my knowledge, but def. using that name to their advantage. A bit less curated I would say, however they do post plenty of drone shots all the time.

4. Fromwhereidrone – 234k followers

Curated by Dirk Dallas, this page is known for its high curation when it comes to reposts. Only the best are featured here.

5. Drone.globe – 209k followers

Owned by Charlie (@deftony83), they post in series of 3 similar photos/videos. Here’s a recent post from Iceland:

6. Dronepals – 187k followers

More of a community based feature page with several active moderators. They recently launched their own aerial collection as well.

7. Droneofficial – 178k followers

Another feature page ‘Sharing the best aerial images’ as they claim themselves. Beautiful feed that is very stylized.

8. Dronedesire – 115k followers

This page is more focused on urban and architecture shots, as you’ll notice in the example below:

9. Dronemultimedia – 85k followers

This drone page is run by my pal Michael. He also posts in series of 3 now, check out this creative shot:

10. Dronenature – 73k followers

As the name suggests, this page focuses more on drone shots in nature. Great to follow these as well.

Bonus: Dronemperors – 69k followers

Not officially in the Top10, however Dronemperors is a great page to follow. Especially because of the fun voting contests in their stories! 😉

There, I hope you enjoyed this quick Top10 of drone feature accounts on Instagram. Grab some inspiration here and keep on creating beautiful drone photos!

Did I forget anything? Comment with your favorite drone feature page in the comments below 🙂

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