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Use the vertical panorama technique if you regularly shoot in portrait mode

If you’re shooting for Instagram or if you know the end result will be cropped in portrait mode, you might want to consider using the vertical panorama technique. Drone photos in portrait mode Even if […]

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Adventure and incredible aerial views from the Azores – even during Covid-19

Sete Cidades – Azores, Portugal Normally I would be out exploring some exotic location, bathing in sweat, but enjoying the sun! Instead the world traveler in me is slowly dying in my apartment in the […]

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10 basic and easy steps in Lightroom to improve your drone photography

If you’d rather read the PDF version, download it for FREE now! 01. HDR merge your AEB shots for more dynamic range If you’ve read my 10 drone photography tips, you already know how to […]

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10 inspiring Australian drone photographers you should start following as well

Since we’re road trippin’ on the East Coast of Australia and taking a lot of cool drone pictures (posting them soon!), I figured it was a good time to take a look at some inspiring […]

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10 tips to improve your drone photography, you can apply today

If you’d rather read the PDF version, download it for FREE now! 1. Shoot during golden hour This is probably the most important tip I can give you. Shooting in golden hour will transform your […]

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Top10 Belgian drone photographers on Instagram and why they are so hard to find

I don’t really have that many Belgian drone photographers in my network on Instagram. Only 5 to be exact 😀 And that’s because I’ve been on the lookout already. So I was wondering why. You […]

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Listen to Tushaar’s interview with me! *excited*

3 months ago I was being invited by Tushaar, a fellow member of Wired Creatives* to do an interview. This 19-years-old from India is starting a feel-good podcast and I am bound to be his […]

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5 things you absolutely need to start with drone photography

Have you always dreamt about drones? Are you jealous when you see those amazing aerial views and top-down shots. Well today I want to go over the things you really need in order to start […]

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