TOP15 female drone photographers in 2022
Merr Watson

TOP15 female drone photographers in 2022

In a world predominantly ruled by men, it’s time to shed some more light on the amazing women in the field of drone photography. Some of these female drone photographers have been around for a couple of years, consistently producing those aerial bangers, even in 2022. Others are new content creators rising in the ranks with a fresh & beautiful style and increased output in 2022. Let’s have a look at their profiles ?

Obviously I can’t include everyone, but do let me know if you think I missed anyone ?

1. Merr Watson

You can’t talk about female drone photographers without talking about Merr. She has been on top ever since I started droning myself and she’s still creating beautiful new content today. Her style is even more polished than before and her blues are easily recognizable. Talk about a trademark style! ?

I did an interview with her for my Masterclass, such a genuinely lovely and talented person!

Currently at 97k followers

2. Jess Loiterton

Jess has been around for a while now. Always pleasing with these pastel blue and pink tones of long-board surfers in Hawaii. You instantly get a holiday feeling when scrolling through her feed. Keep it up Jess ?

Currently at 65k followers

3. Soha Zia

Soha is an amazing minimalist artist who often turns to drones to capture her beautiful compositions. Since 2019, she has shifted towards a very soft and pastel-like editing style, that is very unique and and dreamy. Definitely worth the follow ?

Currently at 73k followers

4. Lola Hubner

I’ve only discovered Lola recently, through her abstract pink lake series. She’s living the van life in Australia and posting a mix of beach selfies and amazing aerial views. Her editing is on point and very consistent, which results in a beautiful feed to scroll through. I wish I was back in Australia Lola ?

Currently at 108k followers

5. Asa Steinars

Asa could be considered the powerhouse of women in this list. She grew very rapidly in 2021 due to some very popular reels, with 525k followers as a result. This blond ‘Icelandian’ has some crazy aerial landscapes in her feed, next to her lifestyle photos, so be sure to check her out.

Currently at 525k followers

6. Petra Leary

Petra could be considered the mother of basketball courts ? She has been photographing them with her drone for as long as I can remember and what a portfolio she has right now! Her photos have been published in numerous magazines and remain hot today!

I did an interview with her for my Masterclass, you’d be surprised to see a slightly shy, but inspiring ‘skater girl’ on the other side of the camera!

Currently at 27k followers

7. Seven7panda

Not much info I could find on this talented photographer from Shanghai, China. I’ve been following her for a couple of years and she is always killing it with the best aerial cityscapes from China. Doing rooftop photography and drone photography, such as this topdown:

Currently at 56k followers

8. Maritina Laskaridou

Maritina is part of the creative duo behind ‘Farawayfarers’, who have been creating very cool and unique content of the past few years, resulting in 35k followers. True adventurers at heart, this Greek couple is currently traveling through Yemen. Here’s one of my favorite photos from their account: Maritina floating on an air mattress ?

Currently at 35k followers

9. Allysha Cartledge

Ally is from Western Australia and is probably best known for her topdowns of alligators, sharks and rays! She has a beautiful vibrant style and sells her prints on the local market ? One of the female drone photographers you definitely need to follow.

Currently at 29k followers

10. Merry Amber

New girl on the block. At least for me ? Merry has been gaining a lot of traction lately with her reels and has amassed a whopping 30k followers in a very short amount of time. Part of a creative duo with Marius Kaening, they are killing it in Bali right now. Keep it up guys!

Currently at 30k followers

11. Michelle Loois

This ‘Dutchie’ recently moved to Portugal to live the good life. Together with Max Buiting, they have been creating some amazing aerial content, such as this photo of the Canary Islands. She has developed a beautiful soft style for her photos and is definitely a profile to watch in 2022!

Currently at 14k followers

12. Stefi Olivia

Romania’s finest drone export comes under the name of Stefi ? This woman has a refreshing creative take on drone topdowns and was recently featured by Emirates to celebrate their 6M followers (see post here). Congratz Stefi ? Looking forward to more of your work in 2022!

Currently at 10k followers

13. Sabrina Binkert

Sabrina from Switzerland looks like the absolute adventure girl. She loves the outdoors and has made some beautiful aerials in Switzerland and on her recent trip to Norway. A bit of a darker and moodier style compared to some of the other women, but don’t let that scare you ?

Currently at 26k followers

14. Kerry Mapes

Kerry is a new discovery. The only one from the USA on this list, to my surprise … She has a beautiful minimalistic approach to her drone photography, combined with soft tones, which make her photos very easy to like. Keep ’em coming Kerry!

Currently at 6k followers

15. Lauren Hunt

Lauren is the newest addition, currently fine-tuning her editing style. Look at her feed, those blues starting to become more vibrant and more consistent. I think Lauren has a lot of potential moving forward into 2022, so keep those ‘Aussie’ ocean shots coming!

Currently at 2k followers

There we have it! I hope you enjoyed this new list. I certainly enjoyed the research on this one. One by one they deserve to be in my TOP15 and I’ll be keeping a close eye on them to see the developments in the second half of 2022.

Honorary mentions:

A few profiles that did not make my TOP15 for 2022, but are worth mentioning (in no specific order): Sandrine Hecq, Emily Frangie, Lonneke Tubbing, Marion Stoffels, Carmel Boyd, Atiqah Ismail, Amy Mercer, Islay Joy, iamdronegirl, Thuy Uyen Nguyen, Sara Zanini, Delphine Mangeon, Christina Raytsiz, Marina Goritsas

Did I forget one of your favorite female drone photographers? Let me know in the comments below ?

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