Should you buy the DJI Mavic 3 Classic?
Mavic 3 Classic

Should you buy the DJI Mavic 3 Classic?

2 weeks ago DJI announced the Mavic 3 Classic, as a ‘cheaper’ version of the Mavic 3 series that came out last year. The Classic version does not have the zoom lens, which was more of a gimmick anyway, than an actual professional camera. All other specs are pretty much the same.

Mavic 3 Classic
Mavic 3 Classic specs

Needless to say that I had been waiting for this drone to come out, as I found the Mavic 3 to be too pricey for my taste. Especially for the relatively small increase in quality versus my Mavic 2 Pro (or the Air 2S for that matter) compared to the big price increase. This Classic version could potentially make the upgrade worthwhile though. Let’s find out 😉

The 4/3″ sensor on the Mavic 3 line does tempt me, because it allows for better low light performance and more sharpness vs my current Mavic 2 Pro (with a 1″ sensor, similar to the Air 2S). It also comes with 12-bit RAW photos (vs 10-bit on M2P/Air 2S) and 200 Mbps video bitrate (vs 100 Mbps on the M2P or 150 Mpbs on the Air 2S). Clearly an improvement!

If you want to do a full comparison versus your current drone, then use this page on the DJI-website to list all specifications next to each other. Consumer drone comparison

DJI comparison
DJI drone comparison

Important to note: the Mavic 3 Classic is the first drone to come with the C1 label out of the box + with 895 grams it stays under that 900 grams limit, which makes it able to fly in the European open category A1.

DJI Mavic 3 Classic price

Now cheaper is relative, because the drone still costs a whopping €1.500. The basic controller (RC-N1) is another €100. Now I’m personally not a fan of this cheap plastic controller AT ALL. I think for a professional and expensive drone they shouldn’t give you the same controller as for the Mini & Air series …

DJI RC-N1 controller
DJI RC-N1 controller

Therefore, me personally, I feel kind of pushed towards the smart controller, which is €250 (instead of €100). That makes €1.750 already.

Add in the Fly More kit – because yes you need the extra batteries – and you end up with a nice €2.300. Autch ?

Plus some PolarPro filters (only coming mid-January 2023), which will cost another €100 (Vivid collection).

PolarPro Mavic 3 Classic
PolarPro Mavic 3 Classic filters

So that makes €2.400 to get started with this ‘cheaper’ version!

So, should you buy it?

Probably not …

Let me explain ?

If you’re not using your drone for commercial shoots and are not selling your photos on a regular basis, then there is absolutely no need to upgrade to the Mavic 3 line.

You will be more than fine using the Air 2S or the Mini 3 Pro, which retail at almost half the price of the DJI Mavic 3 Classic. Those 2 would be my go-to drone recommendations right now. I’m honestly still blown away by the quality output of that tiny Mini 3 Pro … wauw ?

Mavic 3 Classic
Mavic 3 Classic

The difference you see on Instagram in quality and sharpness, is because those creators promoting the Mavic 3 are top notch in their film making and in their editing skills. And they know exactly how to post on Instagram. Which is food for another blog post, if you’re interested …

So unless you’re hitting your ceiling with editing and composition etc… and you need that extra 5% of quality, then honestly you don’t need a new drone. You need to focus on improving your skills first!

Would you like to learn more about drone photography and videography? Improve your editing skills as well? Have a look at my Drone Adventurer Masterclass or contact me directly!

Drone Adventurer Masterclass
Drone Adventurer Masterclass