This is my most unique, adventurous and remote drone photo trip so far! After 4 years of taking drone enthusiasts all over the world, it is now time for the first Socotra drone trip in November 2024.

With a small group of enthusiastic drone photographers we will create the adventure of a lifetime. This is the kind of trip you will be telling your grandchildren about! 😍

Over the course of 8 days I will show you the best drone spots on this isolated island, help you to improve your drone photography through live workshops in the field and composition/editing workshops in our private tented camp. We’ll share best practices and tips in a small group of like-minded participants. And in general we’ll just have a lot of fun in the most unique location in the Arabian Sea.

Only 6 spots available! 🥳

Socotra drone trip 2024
Socotra drone trip 2024

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Socotra drone trip 2024 in a nutshell:

  • 6 people + myself
  • 8 days of adventure on Socotra island
  • 12-19th of November (8D/7N)
  • Private 4×4 cars with driver (2-3pax per car)
  • Remote camping in private tents
  • Local guide who speaks English
  • Private chef to prepare us 3 fresh meals a day
  • Logistics team to set up the tents + camp every day
  • Sunrise & sunset drone shoots at the most epic locations
  • Several outdoor hikes to incredible canyons and natural pools*
  • 1 boat tour where we usually see dolphins** 🐬 (with the drone!!)
  • Drone coaching in the field
  • Composition & Lightroom editing workshops at the tented camp
  • Official drone permit for Socotra

* moderate fitness is required 🥾

** plenty of spinner dolphins in the area. If we’re lucky and the dolphins stick around, we can even greet them from the water!

Spinner dolphins Mauritius
Spinner dolphins

Our camping tents on Socotra:

We use the iconic Al-Qadi tents, which are very adapted to the Socotra weather. The Al-Qadi tents have 4 windows and allow for more ventilation. Remember, Socotra can get very hot and stuffy during the summer. Technically they are designed for 2 pax, however each person will get their own tent for more comfort and privacy. Each tent comes with a mattress, blanket and pillow. You don’t need to bring anything.

You can also opt for the high-end luxury tent, which offer much more space and comfort during this trip.

The tents and sitting area will be set up for you by our team. Full service! We’ll also provide portable toilets and showers for your comfort.

Typical day:

In order to catch our locations in golden hour light, we’ll get up early every day. Usually during the day I have activities planned or one of the composition/Lightroom workshops. Here’s a typical day on the Socotra drone trip:

  • Rise and shine
  • 5:20 sunrise shoot
  • 7:00 Breakfast in the camp + back-up
  • Driving = charge batteries
  • Explore a canyon or waterfall or natural pool
  • 12:00 lunch at the Wadi, below some palm trees
  • Driving = charge batteries
  • Explore a sand dune or lagoon or cave
  • Or composition/Lightroom workshop
  • 16:00 sunset shoot
  • 17:30 Back-up / refresh / shower
  • 19:00 dinner at the camp
  • Chill in the sitting area
  • Sleep

These timings are indications. We will be flexible to circumstances / opportunities. All locations / activities are optional, if you wish to skip one and sleep in, it’s your holiday ☺️

Blue lagoon Socotra
Blue lagoon Socotra

Socotra drone trip pricing:

All prices are all-inclusive, meaning your 4×4 car with driver on Socotra island (2-3 pax per car), your camping tent (8D/7N), 1 boat tour, local guides, entrance fees for protected areas, official drone permit, all food & drinks & snacks are included.

Your return flight from Abu Dhabi airport and your Socotra tourist visa are required. These have a fixed price and cannot be booked online, only through the agency I work with.

On top of that you’ll get daily drone coaching in the field and composition/Lightroom workshops in the camp from me personally.

Socotra tent

Price: €3.400

  • Private tent
  • Incl. mattress, pillow and blanket
  • Set up every day by our logistics team
  • Best view on the stars!
Socotra luxury tent

Price: €3.900

  • Luxury tent
  • Additional comfort
  • Incl. better mattress, pillow and duvet
  • Set up every day by our logistics team
Passport Socotra

Price: €950 + 150

  • Return flight from Abu Dhabi airport (AUH)
  • Socotra tourist visa
  • Required

Not included: your own flight to Abu Dhabi airport (AUH).

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We leave in ...

Highlights of the Socotra drone trip:

The island of Socotra has many cool drone spots. To give you an idea, here are some of my highlight locations that we’ll definitely try to include in our 8 days together 👍 (click to enlarge)

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is Socotra safe to visit?

    Yes, it is safe to travel to Socotra. The island has always remained untouched by the conflict in Western Yemen and has never been part of the civil war. Socotra offers a peaceful and secure environment, allowing visitors to explore its stunning landscapes and unique biodiversity without concern.

  • I'm a beginner, can I join this trip?

    Yes, definitely. I get participants from all levels and I coach everyone on their own level. You need to be able to fly basic manoeuvres, the rest we'll learn on the trip. Regardless of your starting point, all participants go home with a boosted self confidence while flying the drone and can now fly under any circumstances.

  • Do I need my own drone?

    Yes, you are supposed to bring your own drone and fly your own drone. If you have a spare drone, it's always good to bring it. I will also bring a back-up drone in case something happens.

    That being said, I guide the participants during all flights and it's very rare that a drone crashes or is lost.

  • What drones are supported?

    I know pretty much all cinematic DJI drones by heart. Most often I see DJI Mavic 2/3 series, DJI Mini 3/4 series, DJI Air 2/3 series. More and more FPV drones as well, such as the DJI Avata 1/2 or the original DJI FPV.

    Occasionally, participants also bring an Autel drone, which is completely fine. However I'm less familiar with their app and settings. In the end, it all comes down to the same thing though. So don't worry.

Here are some drone photos from my previous Socotra trip in November 2023:

If you want to see more photos, check out my Socotra drone photos album.