TOP10 drone photographers who inspired me in 2021

TOP10 drone photographers who inspired me in 2021

Today I want to share the 10 drone photographers that were the most influential or inspirational to me in 2021.

These 10 made a real difference towards my drone photography, especially in 2021.

And I’ll also explain why … let’s get started:

1. Nico Zimm

Zimy has been on fire in 2021. He created several spectacular launch videos for DJI, he created the coolest underwater photos and is working on a big shark film!

He leaves me in awe every single time + he’s a really nice guy ?

2. Emmett Sparling

Emmett is easily one of the best photographers of 2021. His compositions and editing style are always on par. Big photo inspiration for me!

Unfortunately I haven’t had a personal chat with him yet. 2022 goals!

3. Luke Stackpoole

Luke really took his photography to the next level in 2021. Every single post was ?. And he probably was one of the most featured drone photographers on Dronemperors (my other account) with his reels.

He shows me how much progression there still is for me! 2022 goals ?

4. Long-Nong Huang

Long ‘s unique style is easily recognizable and a quick look at his feed shows you his amazing skills as an editor ?

Wasn’t really following him yet in 2020, so this qualifies as a new discovery and inspiration!

5. Brayden Hall

Definitely one of the best travel adventure photographers I know. And he’s a bit goofy ?

Really inspirational to me, because he got stuck on Mauritius last year and took some amazing photos!

6. Sebastien Nagy

Sebastien really took off the last 2 years in terms of followers. Not a surprise when you look at the quality output. Always looking for new places and perspectives!

He’s from Brussels as well, but I haven’t actually met him yet ? 2022 goals!

7. Boyan Ortse

Boyan has been around for a while and I’ve been following him ever since I started droning ? Always with the bangers!!

However last year we started chatting a lot more and it’s been great to have him as a friend on Instagram.

8. Domenic Biagini

Domenic has an incredible amount of experience when it comes to droning whales, orcs and dolphins. He organizes daily whale watching tours and you can be sure to find all the quality content on his profile.

Major inspiration for me as I created some magical drone moments with blue whales and fin whales in the Azores and dolphins in La Reunion and Mauritius. More of that in 2022!

9. Jonas Hornehoj

Used to go by ‘thefreedomcomplex’, Jonas is a great photographer and I’ve been following him for a long time!

Not so active on IG anymore, you’ll find him on Twitter talking about NFT’s. And that’s exactly why he’s had an important impact on me ?

10. Jordan Hammond

Last, but not least, the photography master himself, Jordan ? He’s been around for some time, consistently producing bangers!

However that’s not why I added him to my list. Jord showed me how to transition from a photographer to being a teacher. And that has been very inspirational for me as a teacher ?

That’s it for my drone photographers TOP10 list. Now let me know in the comments who your inspiration was in 2021 ?

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