10 biggest feature accounts on Instagram if you love nature and landscapes

10 biggest feature accounts on Instagram if you love nature and landscapes

If you’re like me and you love nature and landscapes – whether they are drone or not – you might want to follow these huge feature accounts on Instagram for daily inspiration. Prepare to be in awe by the sheer quality of different landscapes our natural world has to offer!

A feature page does not create their own drone photos, they feature (or repost) the photos of other drone photographers in order to grow their following. They do this by giving credit in the caption to the respective photographers they repost from.

These accounts have amassed million of followers and often have a team running the daily features. Some of them even have a production company and/or a TV show. Pretty exciting, right ?

FYI: I have only included accounts that focus on nature/landscapes. If the accounts are too focused on animals or hotels, they didn’t make the cut ?

1. Earthpix – 20M followers

The biggest one – I know – is Earthpix. They have featured me once already, which was a total surprise ☺️

They post daily content around amazing destinations, people, cultures and nature. Go check them out:

2. Beautiful Destinations – 20M followers

This is probably the most sought-after feature page. Every photographer wants to have their photos on this inspiring page. They focus on travel destinations.

They also run a production company and are thus a proper company.

3. Wonderful Places – 15M followers

Another huge page with a focus on our natural world. They even have a TV show that is – apparently – on Amazon Prime. Haven’t seen it yet! Let me know if it’s any good ?

Here’s a recent feature they did of my Dutch friends at @travelmonster.nl

4. Earthfocus – 7M followers

Earthfocus was founded by James from the UK. They focus on landscapes, but also animals and travel destinations.

Here’s a drone shot I found on their page:

5. Discover Earth – 4,7M followers

Showcasing the unexplored places on earth since 2013, this page is posting wilder and less known locations as well. So definitely worth following in my opinion.

6. Earth Official – 4,4M followers

Another page sharing the beauty of our planet, in order to raise awareness. They focus on nature, travel and wildlife.

Here’s a drone shot from fellow Belgian photographer @sebastien.nagy on their page:

7. Earth – 3,6M followers

Inspiring the wanderlust with truly incredible images from all over the world. This is a must follow account if you love nature and beautiful photography! ? And they have really good engagement as well … (compared to some bigger pages)

8. Naked Planet – 3,2M followers

This page is a good mix of landscape and wildlife. So marvel at these stunners!

Here’s a drone shot they posted from the underwater waterfall in Mauritius:

9. Wilderness Culture – 1,9M followers

The content is exactly as the name suggests, wild raw nature captured by the very best photographers.

Stuff like this:

10. Discovery.hd – 1,8M followers

You’ll find some the most unique landscape shots on this account. This page is on point ?

Funny enough the biggest pages are not always the best pages. They sometimes post cute puppies to get more followers. Heck it works, so can you blame them? ?

That’s why I want to include the next page as well. It just didn’t make the top10 by a mere 200k followers (euh ?), however the post high quality landscapes. So I would suggest checking them out as well.

Bonus: Roam the planet – 1,6M followers

Really good curating on this page. High quality edits every time ?

That’s it for this blog post. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’re hungry for more feature accounts on Instagram, check out my other blog: Top10 drone feature accounts on Instagram.