Drone Photography Trip – Azores

Hi guys!

I’m organizing a drone photography workshop on the Azores in the beginning of May.

I know … Covid-19 situation. However the borders are not closed, people are getting vaccinated and the Azores was the safest destination in 2020. So I’m very positive looking forward and I am super excited about this trip!

With a small group of enthusiastic drone photographers we’ll create the adventure of a lifetime. This is the kind of trip you will be telling your grandchildren about! 😊

I will show you the best spots, help you improve your drone photography through live workshops in the field and editing workshops in the villa. And in general just have a lot of fun in the most incredible location in Europe.

Azores drone photo trip

So this is what I have in mind:

  • 7 people + myself
  • 5 days of adventure on São Miguel island
  • 2 days of adventure on Terceira island (optional)
  • 1 modern villa with pool
  • Sunrise & sunset drone shoots at the most epic locations
  • Several outdoor adventures
  • 1 whale watching tour* 🐋 (with the drone!)
  • Drone photo workshops in the field
  • Lightroom editing workshops at the villa
  • Natural volcanic hot pool relaxation in an epic setting
  • All drone permits included
  • Local chef to prepare us some delicious food

* 99% chance of seeing migrating blue whales, fin whales, sei whales, humpbacks or resident sperm whales and 10 types of dolphins 😍 and the occasional killer whale pod, blue sharks and manta rays as well 🤯 This is very likely going to be the best day ever in your droning career, haha.

Sei whales - mother & calf
Sei whales – mother & calf

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