20 habits I will not miss after traveling 6 months in Southeast Asia
shoes off near pagoda

20 habits I will not miss after traveling 6 months in Southeast Asia

First of all, these habits from Southeast Asia are supposed to make you laugh. The point is not to insult the people living in those countries. They don’t know any better 😆 and vice versa, we don’t know any better … That being said, let’s dive right in:

shoes off near pagoda
Shoes off near pagoda
  1. Thousands of scooters are parked on the sidewalk, because … of course, pedestrians should walk on the street, obviously!
  2. The shower is always next to or on top of the toilet and there is no shower curtain … so no way avoiding getting the whole bathroom all wet and imagine going to the toilet 10 mins later on a soaking wet floor and toilet seat … who ever came up with this logic? :mrgreen:
  3. They spit on the floor, all the time, with a big rrrrrooaaakk sound to accompany it. As if they are trying to warn you ❓
  4. Asians can’t talk, they can only shout. Maybe it’s because of number 5?
  5. Their smartphone is always on speaker. The whole bus can enjoy their conversation, no shame. Maybe they like to shout? *confused now*
  6. Guys LOVE to pull up their t-shirt to show off their beer bellies. It’s like a national contest. Who’s belly is shinier? 😎
  7. No credit cards allowed, anywhere, only cash. All of a sudden they do speak English btw “cash cash” … maybe it’s because credit cards are made of plastic? Or they heard Trump on the TV and they think it’s fake money? 😛
  8. You buy a local SIM card, the lovely icon 4G appears, so you think YES, let’s check our mails. However this doesn’t mean you actually have an internet connection. Maybe it’s Trump again, selling fake internet? Drats …
  9. They like to burn their agricultural fields, at no particular timing it seems. So don’t be surprised to not see across the river for example.
  10. You get a plastic bag for every single item you buy. You want to eat an apple = plastic bag, you want to buy some water = plastic bottle in a plastic bag, of course … on top of that, they throw away the plastic bag after 5 mins, when they decide to eat the apple 😥
  11. I really hate paying 10x the price locals pay for virtually anything. You want to visit a temple, take the train or buy some water, make sure to negotiate the price, because they are ripping you off 😡
  12. Pedestrians have no right of way. Yes, by law! So watch out when you cross the street. The cars will just run you over and not blink twice. Why on earth would a pedestrian have the right of way? He can’t afford a car? 😀
  13. Most parts of Southeast Asia are Buddhist, so you need to take off your shoes everywhere. You get anywhere near a pagoda, yeah you got it, take your shoes off. Even if you don’t want to go inside, haha.
  14. Pizza is the most expensive dish on the menu. No matter where you go! That always made me sad 🙁
  15. They honk their car horns ALL THE TIME. I suppose it’s to show people they have a car and are therefore rich … right? 💡
  16. Never take a bus or skytrain without proper skiing jacket and double-layered hat, because the airco is on maximum! Maybe it’s their inversed version of a sauna? To build up stamina? Crazy people …
  17. You feel quite loved on the street. People shout ‘hello’ at you every five steps. I never realized tuk-tuk drivers were such nice guys 🙂
  18. Their ATM maximum withdrawal amount is ridiculously low. You can’t even pay your hotel with that. Maybe they’re not that rich after all 😈
  19. Those skinny Asians seem to love greasy food. Everything is fried. And they eat all day long. I really think our nutritionists can really learn from those (forgotten) Eastern secrets!
  20. No toilet paper in the bathrooms. Who needs toilet paper when there is a bucket with water? 🙄 Oh yeah, on those rare occasions they do provide toilet paper, you need to throw it in the garbage bin. Disgusting …

Do you recognize any of these habits from Southeast Asia? 😀 Or maybe you have your own experience you want to add? Let me know in the comments below!

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