Gorgeous 4k drone shots from our roadtrip to the Bodensee and Alsace

Gorgeous 4k drone shots from our roadtrip to the Bodensee and Alsace

I’ve just uploaded my latest travel video and I’m excited to share these drone shots from our roadtrip. The 1:28min video shows our 2 weeks roadtrip from a few weeks ago. The idea was to go tour the Netherlands, but unfortunately it was raining all the time. So we decided to change plans overnight and drive South to Germany (the Bodensee) and France (Alsace). We did this as a partnership with Vanomobil, the biggest campervan brand in Belgium.

If you would like to see some gorgeous drone footage in 4k:

Campervan roadtrip video with drone shots from the Bodensee and Alsace

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Lately I’ve been focusing a lot more on my color grading (which has always been difficult in the past) + adding in more sound effects to create a more immersive experience. So I would love to hear what you think ?

FYI: This video was filmed entirely on my Mavic 2 Pro in 24fps and 1/50th shutter (for that yummy motion blur), with PL/ND filters from PolarPro. Post-processing took me around 2,5 full days, edited in Premiere Pro. Any questions?

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