The new EU drone legislation in 7 bullet points

The new EU drone legislation in 7 bullet points

It’s an exciting time to be droning in Europe. The new EU drone legislation will be adopted in the entire EU as of 31ste of December. This will definitely make things a lot more coherent and transparent in my opinion. So less worries for you when traveling around! Here’s a little (simplified) summary:

  • No more difference between recreational and professional pilots
  • Most drone flights will happen in the ‘Open Category‘ = low risk flights with 3 subcategories: A1/A2/A3 (as opposed to the other 2 categories; ‘Specific’ and ‘Certified’)
  • To fly most common drones (e.g. Mavic Air 1/2 or Mavic Pro 1/2) you’ll need to obtain at least the A3 certificate (free online exam)
  • If you want to fly close to people and buildings you’ll need to obtain the A2 certificate as well (on top of your A3)
  • The only exception is the DJI Mini 1/2 who can fly in the A1 category and fly in/over people and buildings (not large crowds though) – no certificate needed
  • On top of your A3 certificate, you need to register as a drone pilot in your country of residence. You will get a personal registrar code you’ll need to stick onto your drone somewhere
  • And lastly, you need a third-party insurance (usually covered in your existing family insurance, but best to double-check)

There, I hope this helps to summarize the new EU drone legislation for you a bit. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any doubts about your specific situation ?

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