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It’s difficult to find a good breakfast routine on a world trip

People who know me, know I like a good breakfast. As it’s the most important meal of the day, I pay attention to my breakfast, even if I’m usually in a rush in the morning. […]

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7 popular highlights in and around Bangkok reviewed

As we were flying over Bangkok to Myanmar anyway, we decided to make a little pitstop in Bangkok first. This would allow us to see Bangkok and surroundings, which we would otherwise have had to […]

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The last 2 weeks in Belgium

The last two weeks leading to the start of our world trip have been very hectic to say the least. You can only plan that much ahead. Especially when you are still performing in a […]

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Listen to Tushaar’s interview with me! *excited*

3 months ago I was being invited by Tushaar, a fellow member of Wired Creatives* to do an interview. This 19-years-old from India is starting a feel-good podcast and I am bound to be his […]

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Preparing for a 1 year world trip

The idea of a 1 year world trip sprouted as early as June 2018. My girlfriend and I decided it would be a now or never opportunity. Curious and decisive we started planning ahead. Countries […]

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2 weeks roadtrip through Slovenia, with all the best highlights

Are you thinking about Slovenia as your next travel destination? Damn right you are 🙂 Slovenia is THE hidden gem in the middle of Europe and deserves to be on top of your list! We […]

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