My top10 drone heroes to follow on Instagram

My top10 drone heroes to follow on Instagram

Hey guys!

Today I want to share some of my personal drone heroes from Instagram. These are not just the biggest drone accounts on the platform, but rather the ones I’ve come to like, admire and interact with.

Hope you enjoy my TOP10! 🙂 -> in no particular order btw …

(if you like amazing drone content, like me, then you definitely will)

1. Boyanoo

Boyan is a Dutch droner I’ve been following since I started taking Instagram seriously. He has some really amazing stuff. So definitely worth a follow!

Currently has 15k followers

2. Out_droning

The next one is out_droning from Australia. You’ll notice that the Aussies are well represented in the droning world. What else would you expect with such a stunning coast line! Check this out:

Currently has 21k followers

3. Usaid.fstop

Usaid is a droner from UK/Tunesia, who has a lot of moody/misty landscapes. I really admire him for his dedication and his early rises! Haha, I’m no morning person …

Currently has 17k followers

4. Merrwatson

Merr is definitely one of the first drone accounts I started following (together with Boyanoo, see further up the list) and I’ve sticked with her ever since. She’s from the Philippines, but now shooting from her home in Australia. Her coastal shots are just incredible, such nice tones!

Currently has 30k followers

5. Pat_kay

Another Instagram legend if you ask me. This Asian guy with an Aussie emailaddress is not just a droner, his ‘regular’ photography is awesome as well. But he also has some amazing aerial shots, so I must include him!

Currently has 85k followers

6. Karl_shakur

Karl is still a different story. This guy masters photography and story telling! If you want to learn from the best of the best, study his posts 😀

He has out-of-this-world drone shots, but also a lot of ‘regular’ shots and selfies to create a personal brand and story.

Currently has 218k followers

7. Vbdronography

Vladimir is a Bulgarian drone photographer with a very specific style that I can appreciate a lot. Whether you like it or not, it certainly sets him apart! This guy is super active on Instagram, so be sure to drop him a message.

Currently has 9k followers

8. Airpixels

Our next hero is Tobias from Sweden. He has a verified account (the little blue ‘v’ next to his name), so we’re getting into the big boys. But he’s totally worth it, he has a portfolio to make you drool. And his editing is really sharp!

Currently has 431k followers

9. Zekedrone

Martin is a very creative droner with a passion for colors. Just check out his profile picture and you’ll see what I mean. He also has a great eye for composition. Watch and learn 😉

Currently has 15k followers

10. Yantastic

Peter is Chinese, but living in Australia (see a pattern :p). His work is just phenomenal. He’s also running his own photo editing contest. So definitely worth following:

Currently has 83k followers

Honorary mention: Beyondthelands

This is actually the mutual account from 2 enormous photographers, a couple from Iceland. So I can hit 3 in 1 mention 😉 I have only found out about them recently, but their work is just mind-blowing …

Currently at 87k followers

There I hope you enjoyed this list of my favorite drone accounts, aka. my personal drone heroes!

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Did you enjoy this post? Share your own personal drone heroes in the comments below … or check out my follow up post with the drone heroes of my drone heroes!