4 easy tips to take better drone photos in the snow and not freeze your fingers off
Snow drone photo French Alps

4 easy tips to take better drone photos in the snow and not freeze your fingers off

Winter is not my favorite season to be honest. It’s dark, cold and rainy here in Belgium. I only really look forward to the snow, because I can go skiing then! Unfortunately the skiing slopes are closed ? Thank you Covid-19. However the last weeks we did see some solid snow, which is cool nevertheless. So I wanted to share my first ever snow pictures with you and help you take drone photos in the snow as well:

More photos from Brussels covered in snow are coming soon btw. So keep an eye on my Instagram if you don’t want to miss them ?

Which seamlessly brings me to the actual reason you’re here:

4 tips to take drone photos in the snow

If you also want to attempt shooting with the drone in the snow or just really cold temperatures, here are a few tips to keep you safe:

  1. Keep your batteries in the car or your pocket, so they stay warm. Ice cold batteries will deplete a lot faster.
  2. Same with your smartphone. That battery will die really quickly in cold temperatures. So keep it warm in between flights.
  3. Keep your fingers warm! Gloves are not a luxury out there. Use small ones, preferably with touchscreen ability.
  4. Snow + sun = a lot of reflection. So best to use a polarized ND filter. And keep your eye on the histogram.

Some people/videos talk about ice forming on the propeller blades and how to prevent this (Vaseline or special spray). This is only the case at cold temperatures and when there’s moist in the air. So when there is fog or when you fly through a cloud. On clear dry days this really doesn’t happen.

Additionally these products add a small weight to your propellers, causing them to function less efficiently. The exact thing they hope to avoid ?

I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know in the comments below ?

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